What is with Input.Gyro.UpdateInterval?

Can anyone can shed light on Unity’s Input.Gyro.UpdateInterval?

The documentation doesn’t explain what units these update intervals are measured in, or what the effect of manipulating this value is. Or why you’d prefer say 0.001 over 0.1 or 10?

That would be awesome because as far as confirming the existence of the function and a requirement to set it, most examples on the of Gyro control I’ve seen pick a value which seems to be an arbitrary float that approaches zero.

If possible I’d prefer to understand what’s happening. :slight_smile:

The Input.Gyro.UpdateInterval parameter is told to a device gyroscope with what frequency by him will update data. Both very large number, and very small doesn’t approach. It is necessary to select the optimum. For example, if our Input.Gyro.UpdateInterval is equal to 10 seconds, in value of 0 seconds the gyroscope will show certain data, and then as though you didn’t twist a device within 10 seconds these data not to change. Also it isn’t necessary to forget that even if values are given in digital value, the gyroscope is the physical device. So it has tolerances.