What is wrong with my script to change audio pitch when accelerating?

I have made a JavaScript to make the pitch of my sound rise up to 3 over around 5 seconds while holding the up arrow but it says it has not finished compiling when I try to attach it to my car. If it helps I have made it in UnityDevelop as I have .net framework 4.5 not 3.5 and there is nothing showing compiling in the right bottom corner (what another forum suggested).

Here is the script:

//set startingPitch to 0.8
public var startingPitch = float;
private var currentPitch = audio.pitch;
@script RequireComponent(AudioSource)
function Update() {
current.Pitch = (Time.deltaTime * 0.6 + startingPitch );
if((currentPitch > 3)
currentPitch = (startingPitch * 11.25);
currentPitch = (startingpitch * 1);

What have I done wrong or is there a way I can fix this?

audio.pitch = Mathf.Abs(EngineRPM / MaxEngineRPM) + 1.0f;
if (audio.pitch > 2.0f)
audio.pitch = 2.0f;

The free flight controls package in the asset store has a script that changes pitch with velocity. you could chck it out.

public var startingPitch = float;

Should be:

public var startingPitch : float;