What is wrong with my Unity?

Whenever I launch my Unity it opens up a new project and opens up all of the older projects: Dropbox - Screenshot 2014-12-07 16.26.18.png - Simplify your life
This wouldn’t be a problem, except that when I try to exit it closes all the projects and exits Unity. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times with 4.6 and once with 4.54 and deleted all of the Unity files and it still keeps opening up multiple projects- the picture above was taken right after I uninstalled, deleted all files, and reinstalled Unity. As you can see it is still opening up multiple projects.

What do I do here? Do I search for some specific folder that is not located in x86?

Go to the Edit>Preferences>General>Always Show Project Wizard. Close and re-open.

Hope this helps! :wink: