What kind of children a transform can have ?

According to Unity documentation, a transform is a component which handles scale, position and rotation. But I have seen method calls like transform.GetChild(). What are these children? .

Thank you.

Hi, if you look in the hierarchy view of the unity editor - it represents the transform hierarchy. A transform has local space and world space. When the transform.parent = x value is set it means the transform’s local space is now the parent’s world space. Simply, it’s a way to group game objects together. I recommend watching the beginner tutorials of the unity for a better understanding.

Correct, “transform” is typically the position, rotation and scale for objects but the parent and child system is also there in many game engines. This is because most developers want a child object to always maintain a specific position related to its parent object.

A change in position, rotation or scale on a parent affects the child. The child can also change but that does not affect the parent.