What kind of hosting is required to host a MMO server?

I am a newbie to this. From all that I have read in unity answers and in Unity forums I understand that unity is good for making a client but for server it is better to use other solutions.

Some of the solutions mentioned in this regard are

  1. Photon server
  2. SmartFox

My question is probably naive but I just want to ask what kind of server is required to host these solutions?

Will a normal web hosting plan suffice or do we need a VPS or dedicated server?

Thanks in advance for all helpful replies :slight_smile:

A normal shared webhosting sure wouldn’t be enough. A dedicated server is usually what you’d want to go with. Even on a VPS, you’re still sharing resources with other users, so if your server is taking too much juice that’s not gonna fly.

SmartFoxServer has some partners where they have dedicated plans with SMS installed. You should check on www.smartfoxserver.com

When running a game server, you need to have control over the hosting server, normal web hosting simply won’t allow you to run applications.