What license I must have, to have ability to upload my apps to Google Play?

Please specify better. Did you mean What Unity Lincense you must get to be able to post your works on App Stores?

You can find the answer to the question usually on Google (Go to google.com and search for Unity Licenses or Unity to Google Play Store)

or possibly Unity’s License Store (Click on the “Store” Tab on the top navigation menu).

My personal guess would be This License.

Assuming you mean “What Unity license do I need?”, Google Play is a market for the Android phone. So in order to develop a Unity app for the Android phone, you will need the Android license. See this page for more details.

Next time, please bother Googling your question before posting here, this question doesn’t really belong here. It’s explained quite clearly on Unity’s website.

If you meant to say what “Google Play license do I need?”, look at this page on Google’s website that explains that clearly as well.