What Lines?

The image shows a modular arrangement of segments and corners. AO maps have been baked in Maya for each piece individually. When the shapes are assembled in Unity, edge seams are appearing at a distance. Screenshot 167 depicts the issue. Screenshot 168 shows the same environment after taking a few steps. As you can see, the lines vanish as you approach them. How do I make them disappear completely?

NOTE: No GI is being used in this scene, no lighting whatsoever. Unlit shaders only.

I guess that your segments have hidden faces at the connections. The lines are most likely those faces which z-fight at the “corner”. You should remove those faces from the segments. If you need a segment with an end-cap you might want to use a seperate “segment” to close the open segment.

  1. Not UV padding
  2. Not aniso
  3. Not mip mapping
  4. Not alpha transparency
  5. Not resolution
  6. Not wrap mode
  7. Not filter mode

Honestly, this is an absurd issue. My best guess is something about the vertices at the corners are causing an issue for adjacent pieces.