What loads during a LoadLevel?

What I can find in the documentation is that it loads up GameObjects. Does this mean that it runs the Awake() and Start() functions on all game objects that are in the Hierarchy of the scene being loaded? Or just the Awake()?

I’m asking this because I’m instantiating a lot of objects in my scene and want to make sure this is all happening during the Loading from the previous scene as opposed to changing to the scene and THEN instantiating the pools of GameObjects I’ll be using.

Also, I’m curious as to how what exactly is being loaded when you call the LoadLevel from the previous scene.


As far as I know, Unity will call Awake() on all of the Game Objects being loaded followed by Start() on all game objects being loaded that are also Enabled. If you have any objects that are disabled in the scene you are loading, Start() will not be called with them until they are activated.