What program code do you prefer learning when creating an android game and have in mind to convert it to iOS later?

Hi all,

What language should I learn when I want to create a game for Android and convert it later to iOS? Is this always in Java for android, or should I learn C instead for both?



This is not the question to be asked in this forum, as this is nowhere connected to Unity. But I can give you some idea.

You have to use Android Development Kit plugin though developers may use any text editor to edit Java and XML files then use command line tools (Java Development Kit and Apache Ant are required) to create, build and debug Android applications as well as control attached Android devices.

And you have to learn Objective-C for the iOS.

I going to use the unity editor to create my games. I do know that i takes time and much effort to learn programming. That’s why I want to know which language I should learn. So I don’t wast much time learning another language. I’m just trying to figure out which language would be the best to learn when creating android and iOS gamers with the Unity editor.

Unity will gladly convert any working Unity project into Android or iOS. They wouldn’t give you a language to write in, then, when it’s all done, say “oh, that won’t convert – you have to rewrite everything.”

The general advice is that there are more easy Unity examples in javascript, and more people here who answer javascript beginner questions. If you’ve had any programming, or intend to be more of a programmer than anything else, then C# is a more mainstream language. You will only find javascript help here – you can get general C# help from non-Unity places.