What Redis clients work in Unity?

I am accessing a Redis server from a Unity app, and have only found 1 client that works in Unity’s .NET 3.5-ish environment:
TeamDev.Redis. What are you using & is there any other client that I’m overlooking? I am using Unity 3.5.5 and Redis 2.6.

edit: in particular, only their “RedisClient .Net 2.0 compatible” .dll works in Unity.

TeamDev.Redis is the only one I have found that is compatible as well. :confused:

Dont use TeamDev.Redis - it is horribly slow.
It was taking minutes on a fast i7 to write a few thousand records. Again, I dont recommend it unless you really dont care about performance.

The easiest method I found: Just open a port and send your commands. Was much faster and I can build my own serialization methods.