What resolution should my mobile game be?

Okay so Im making a mobile game, but im really concerned about my resolution.
I have to care about the iphone, iphone 6+, iphone 7, and android devices.
I was thinking about making it 1280 by 720 across the board.
Do you think this would make my game look horrible on newer devices iphone 6+ and iphone 7 etc.?
Should I just make resolution options like a pc game for each device? Im afraid thats so confusing for an average user. Its a racing game by the way. Thanks for any and all advice!!!

Every brand of phone has it’s own resolution, so you will need to find a good general resolution and try to make it adjustable to whatever phone the player is using. (I am rather new to the coding scene, so I would not know how to do this.)

For a list of different resolutions, you can easily do a google search. However, I am saving you that hassle. Here is an article on multiple brands of phones and their screen resolutions, in both PPI and pixel values:


In order to make your game look good on the most popular devices on the market, you have to consider several mobile resolutions, but also their screen ppi.

If you do not want to lose a lot of time looking for popular resolutions and ppi, I developed an asset to preview your game on several devices and resolutions at a glance:

  • more than 100 mobile device presets with their ppi to preview them at a physical size,
  • popularity presets to preview the most used resolutions of your target platforms: