What Right do you have over asset store items

Hi there, I am building a social facebook game. Essentially we want the more you play the game the more virtual bucks you get and you can “buy” virtual goods with the virtual bucks. There are some perfect ones on the asset store 3D objects ( I have already done a ton of them but would be great to have more!) Can we use these in a game where they can customize their house by buying these items with the Virtual Cash?
Thanks in advance

Your customers aren’t buying the assets. They are paying for them to show up in the game. It’s not much past them paying for your game, which has assets from the store in it.

Unless there’s a clause in the EULA specifically forbidding this, I would guess it’s ok. As long as you’re not reselling the assets to other developers for inclusion in their games, it should be fine.

BUT I am not a lawyer, so this advice may or may not get you into trouble. :slight_smile:

Yeah this is what I’m thinking, plus (and this is if we even went down the route!) if we charged for virtual bucks like some other Facebook apps they aren’t even directly paying for anything just the virtual cash! To be honest I just want to cover my back, I don’t think a 3D guitar is going to be the thing that makes me a million dollars!

Thank you Eric I’ll check it out :wink: