What’s the point of PACKAGE Manager?

So, I was looking into Package Manager.

It has
Advertisement 2.3.2
In App Purchasing 2.0.3
TextMesh Pro 1.3.0

The version numbers don’t match what’s inside Asset Store.

  1. When Unity says Advertisement 2.3.2, are they talking about Unity Monetization 3.0 that’s available in Asset Store? I can Install 3.0 without going through Package Manager.

  2. Even if I don’t install Advertisement and In-App Purchase packages, I can still access them in Services tab.
    So, what’s the point of Package Manager?

  3. Even TextMeshPro has a older version number in Asset Store compared to Package Manager.

It is so confusing.

Unity 2017.2 introduced the Package Manager, a modular system and API that dynamically loads and updates new Unity-developed features in your projects. Unity 2018.1 takes it one step further with the newly released Package Manager User Interface, the Hub, and Project Templates, all of which help you get new projects started faster and more efficiently.

Quot from Unity Blog. So Package Manager is a quick way to extend the Unity Editor(hd / lw render pipeline, tmp, post precessing). So yes some tools are availbe on the Asset Store, for older unity versions, but i think it’s the new way how you directly import the core assets from unity self)