what scale should i build everything in??

I know my units should be set to Centimeters maya likes things built small, mental ray likes things life size

will it affect the physics??

thank you steve

In short, 1 Unity unit is equivalent to a Meter.

I always suggest building things the size they would be IRL because it is just easier to wrap your head around. I have also experienced weird physics issues occurring with small (and I mean really small) objects.



Only problem, at least from my experience (and the reason I found this posting) is if your scale is really small, like a few inches or less, the physics systems doesn't want to care too much.

If anyone has any experience with this I'd love to get their feedback on all of the things they had to change. I'm having trouble getting my physics to feel right at just about any scale anyways.

Update: Wanted to update that I did eventually have success simply increasing the units by a factor of 10. In my case, 0.0270 units became 0.270 units.

This actually ended up working at 0.270 where when the ball object hit a sloped surface at 0.0270 it would simply rotate (non-programmatically), but remain stationary. I believe it also didn't collide properly in the first place. Hope that helps.

I am probably still not out of the woods with all of the scaling cause and effects, but in my case I need it to look and feel right as opposed to be 100% accurate with physics.