What scripting language should i learn?

Okay so I have experience in Lua what is most like it JS, C#, Boo?

Javascript would be the most like Lia,since its more on a scripting side rather then programming.Boo and C# are programming,while UnityScript (what you wish to learn) would more fit your style.

I prefer C#.

I started with JavaScript when I very first began with unity simply because more examples/answers that people wanted were all in javascript.

With that being said I decided to look at the big picture. If you plan on ONLY coding for Unity then use whatever you want. But I didn’t want to only code for Unity, and don’t. So logically speaking C# has more useful applications. If you learn C# it can be applied to a lot more powerful applications other than Unity, such as iPhone or windows development.

Something I also found is the more complex questions people ask are usually in C#. Based on what I’ve observed a simple way of putting it is the advanced people use C# where all the “noobies” use JavaScript.

I personally also find C# to be more logical then JS.

In regards to boo, I’ve never even looked into it because I never even know it existed unit Unity. the only time I’ve seen examples of boo code is on the unity docs where you can choose your code from the drop down.

If it matters I come from a web developer background. I know html and php very well. I also am an avid Java developer. I’m not sure if these skills helped me with C# or not. Just my two cents.

Javascript is more like lua but I prefer c# as javascript isn’t really javascript it’s been changed to something called unityscript which restricts you to just unity whereas c# is more open.

I personally prefer JavaScript, especially when working with Unity.
C# is a fine language too, but the main reason for not using it is that Unity provides with UnityScript what JavaScript lacks in comparison to C#.

The way UnityScript ( a branch of JavaScript ), is setup just feels logical when using unity. Also JavaScript is widely used in HTML canvas, and further webdesign. I believe strongly it’s the language of the future.

If you want to learn some real programming, ditch all of these languages and focus on C++. But then again, you probably end up creating an entire game engine from scratch with C++.

It’s a strong personal choice, but I prefer JavaScript at anytime.