what scripts are being called in runtime

is there some kind of window that traces what events are taking place? Like in Maya there is a window that echos every command. What is happening is that I have a camera switching script that works fine, but for some unknown, untraceable reason, when I left mouse click the camera changes back. It is NOT in the switching code…I have the cameras change on triggerEnter not keystokes. I have been throuh all my scripts and cannot find out what is causing it. so is there a window to look at that spits out what is being called? I have looked at deBug.log but I don’t think that is what I need - unless I am missing something

You can add your own Debug.Log statements at key places in the code to trace what’s going on. In addition you can use the debugger to step through your code and set breakpoints. The debugger will be different if you’re using MonoDevelop vs. Visual Studio.

AHAH! I finally figured it out!!! the camera change takes place when the player hits a giant trigger zone
basically the entire room. left mouse - which is my punching key, has a collider on the fist that activates for a few frames to damage the enemy. Because I am in a giant trigger zone and the fist collider is “entering” by becoming active t messes things up. Worked fine when I removed the fist so at least I found the problem