What service is right for me?

Apologise for my English.

I’m getting confused. I want to make a cross-platform game with turn-based multiplayer, matchmaking, achievements and leaderboard. I am looking for a service that allows me to do so. In my previous app I used Google Play Services only for achievements and leaderboard. Now I want to matchmake and multiplay, however I don’t like to use Google’s layout for matches. And I want to it to be cross-platform, which I read it is but I can’t figure out what is the outcome on iOS or webplayers. Do the user need to authenticate into his Google Account?
I don’t want this:
alt text

Anyway, is the Unity’s built-in API good for this? Previously I tried to authenticate and show a leaderboard but nothing happened on Android; and then authenticate with what? … That’s why I used GPGs. I don’t understand how Unity’s Social API works. I want something that does not require the user to register into a new game service.

Unity’s pricing on multiplayer services are reasonable because you pay for what you use, that’s why I would like to use Unity’s multiplayer service. But there are problems with leaderboards and achievements. I would like to use one service for all of these things.
I am afraid to start implementing a service that is not the proper choice and discover it later. I am not able to create a server with such services on my own.

I need a single standalone pay-for-what-you-use service with turn-based multiplayer, push notifications, achievements, leaderboards, easy to implement in Unity and personalizable at the same time. Unity is my best bet up to now but I need more understanding about it.
If you, experienced people, know some please tell me.

Have a good day.

@Andrea_Marchetti Have you tried GameSparks?

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