What settings are required for emission to work?

I copied an FBX object from one project to another. The FBX object had a material with HDR emission map and a bloom effect. Both projects have Universal Render Platform (I just added it to this new project). However, in the new project the emission does not work - I neither get the color (it remains white) nor the bloom effect. I looked at all the settings in my old project and set them the same in the new project but I still don’t get the color. Strangely, the color changes to the HDR one for a moment when I change some settings but immediately returns to white. What settings do I need to change so this emission actually works?
Do I need to run the Render Pipeline Converter? If so, I can’t find it - it’s not in Windows -Rendering: all I find there is lighting, light explorer, and occlusion culling

@nabeelasad2007 Still doesn’t work. The object is still white (rather than the blue HDR Emission Map) and no bloom. All of my materials also turned white (this before the post processing was added). Unity documentation says to run the Unity Pipeline Converter so maybe that’s the issue but I can’t find it. Is this something you need to install? Nothing like this is mentioned in the Unity docs.

In URP, Bloom doesn’t show until Post Processing is applied.
It is super simple to add:

  1. Open Package Manger and Select Unity Registry
  2. Search Post Processing
  3. If it is installed then move to the next step, if it’s not then Install it.
  4. Add an empty Game Object in the Hierarchy.
  5. Name it anything, or just Post Processing.
  6. Add a component Volume.
  7. Right-click in the Project Window and Create > Volume Profile.
  8. Insert this Volume Profile to the Component Volume of the Post Processing Game Object.
  9. That’s it!
  10. Now you can either Add Overrides to this Asset (Project Window) or Component (Attached with the Game Object).
  11. You will see an Override named “Bloom”. Just enable it and adjust its properties.
  12. MUST: Select your Main Camera and expand the Camera Component and enable Post Processing in the Rendering Section.

I hope you got your answer.