What should I do? I cannot build my project.


My project has many 3D objects. I can build it if I remove some of them.

If you do not erase, ETA will exceed 100 hours and shut down suddenly during the build.

(I think it shut down in “5/11 Clustering”)

Therefore, I changed the lighting settings.
(I saw this solution somewhere)

However, because I do not know the settings,
I changed The places that can be changed numerically to small values for the time being.

But when it became “7/11 Light Transport”, the unity editor was terminated.

I changed the parts below:

Lightmap Setting
----Direct Samples    32   -> 1
----Indirect Sample   500  -> 10
----Bounce            2    -> 1
--Indirect Resolution  2    -> 1
--Lightmap Resolution 40   -> 1
--Lightmap Pading     2    -> 2
--Lightmap Size       1024 -> 32
--Environment Reflections
----Resolution        ?    -> 16 (*)

(*) : Maybe I changed this.

[Build Setting]

Unity 2018.2.20f1(64bit)

Platform : PC,Mac&Linux Standalone

Target Platform : Windows

Architectue : x86_64

Compression Method : Default

You should probably drop Unity, it’s pretty much useless garbo. I made the same mistake as you did, but now I’m switching over to Unreal (which is actually professional software and not a toy for children).

It’s no wonder real games and software are made with Unreal. And people start throwing their trash at you and laughing if you mention Unity unironically. I now understand.