What should I do to optimize my level


So I have a level and it runs at 40 fps in certain areas, and I really don’t know what I should do to optimize my level. Here is a Profiler ScreenShot :

The terrain alone is around 7.8M Tri at worst and whithout the terrain it’s at 4.0M Tri.

Here is a screenshot with just the terrain :

The terrain seems to be the origin of the low fps.

Almost all the objects (mainly rocks and trees) use LOD, I’m using Oclusion Culling too. Also I have a lot of rocks placed in the scene that use the same model and the same material should I try to combine them ? What are the techniques I should use to optimize this level ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Batch calls. You have a lot of them and probably the answer.

Even though Vegeta would be proud that you have over 9000, it’s an absurd number in a game, especially when you only have 1500 saved batches. I’m not sure a ‘golden ratio’ exists, but you should never be in a situation where you have virtually 8x more actual batches than saved batches.

You can reduce batches by: