What should I do?

Hi. My name is Prakash Nepali. I am from Nepal. Actually I am just 15 years old and I want to use unity to build an exact game like Castle TD 2. Its a very complex game and I just want to make it. You can see its screenshots on googleplay. And ummm I have a request. I have too much to learn from my school so when I try to learn programming my head becomes overloaded haha. So I want to know some assets or kits or something like that. Please remember that the game I am teyingto make is a clone of Castle TD 2 OK. What things do I need for it? I have unity latest version on my Windows. And I have the PlayMaker too. What do I need I am too confused. Please note that Castle TD 2 is not just a tower defense, it has a RPG style too where we can control heroes battling on the path. So… What should I download for no programming and making that game. I would appreciate any help. I will download whatever you say but it must make that game really. And if you can then please provide me a tutorial making that exact game, I know its a big thing but, it would be great. And please list the tools and send to praknep112@gmail.com . I want to know just to make that game for android without programming. I will download what you want. Please understand me ; ).
Thank you!
I will do a little programming too, if needed. But I must be able to make that game. Whatever to download from assetstore, tell me but it must make that game with no programming if possible.

Making games is a skill. Like flying an aeroplane, or performing surgery, or teaching. You need to study it, and practice it. Not everyone is able to do it. You do not download some (free) software, follow a single tutorial, and get a finished product without putting in some effort. To suggest that it’s possible is actually quite insulting to many of us here, including most of those users who you spam-mentioned, who make a living out of making games.

Engines like Unity make it infinitely easier than it was 20 years ago, for sure, but if you think you can make a game with no programming, you’re misguided. What you should do is click on the Learn section of this site, and follow the tutorials there. All of them. Then make games for game jams. And practice. Read the SDK. Do this for a couple of years, at least, and then maybe you can think about making that game.

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