What sort of... "things" can crash the editor while game runs?

My game has a bug that we haven’t been able to track down, it runs through quite a lot of our own C# code when this crash happens. Not only will it crash the game on iOS devices, but in the editor, it will crash Unity itself along with MonoDevelop if i’m attached to debug it. It’s a sort of random occurrence which makes it quite difficult to just step through each line of code that gets executed, hoping this is the 1 in 100 chance that it’s about to crash.

Things like an infinite loop or dividing by zero don’t seem to crash the entire Unity editor, just sort of lock it up and force you to quit manually. So i’m not sure what sort of specific function calls or coding wierdness would actually bring the entire editor down instantly?

A native plugin can crash the Editor quite easily as there is not control over the code it is executing. Allocating too much memory can also do that. Try to identify what is occuring in your application when the crash occurs.

When you get a crash it is worth looking at the Editor log file.

You can find the Editor log files following this post:

You can also get a stacktrace from the device:

If you don’t get stack traces in the crash report on the iOS device it is because you have run out of memory.