What sort of workflow should be used for sharing scenes for a project between users?

I’m currently working on a project with 2 programmers using version control. They are producing all the scripts and I am adding all the art assets/building up the scenes/attaching scripts.

To avoid using version control, I thought I might be able to package up the scenes I make, and send them to the programmers for them to add to the master file, though am I right in thinking that I have to package all the assets/scripts associated with that scene also?

What is the best type of workflow in this situation?

What we do in our team is using git for version control, and a simple shared spreadsheet where every scene is listed. If anyone is working in a scene, he puts his name next to it, so everyone knows that scene will be modified in the near future. Nobody will work on the scene until that person release it and pushes the changes. It is basically a very simple locking system.