What Terrian size to use? Im a NOOB!

Hi, I am new to Unity but learning fast…

I want to create a free roam, FPS, multiplayer(1-6 players) game for average PCs. There will be a city for a good chunk of the map, but the most models are not very detailed, just textured with actual building images. There will be around 100-200 people that move around and interact with you. There will be lots of cars, but none that move (dont ask…)

Anyway, the terrian size I have now is 2000 width, 2000 length, and 600 hight.

Will this run good on a PC? Is it too big?

Thanks guys

Trial and error is the only way to find out, really.

But the terrain generator in unity works with noise maps, those noisemaps are affected by compression so the further away you are from some terrain, the lower resolution that terrain will be, meaning it wont be too hard on performance.

not sure if this makes sense to anyone but me :stuck_out_tongue: