What third party tools and components are available for Unity?

I only recently found out about the Unity Dialog Engine. What other third party tools and components are there available for Unity? Are they free, commercial or open source? How well supported are they?

Pathfinding and Behavioural logic, you should check out Path and Behave. Both solutions work on indie and pro Unity and in webplayer and stand-alone.

They are available on a show-logo license and alternatively a paid license. Example projects with all source and resources are also available for both projects.

For steering AI, UnitySteer would be your match - a port and adaption of OpenSteer, this open-source project will run on any configuration - in any Unity version. This project also comes with examples. OpenSteer is open source on an MIT license.

For networking you can take a look at the SmartFoxServer API for both regular Unity as well as iPhone. The Unity API comes with 4 tutorial projects, sources for the tutorials as well as the API itself.

You will need both a server (found here: www.smartfoxserver.com) as well as the client API for Unity (here: http://www.smartfoxserver.com/labs/API/)


While looking around, I've found an older list of 3rd party add-ons from the Unity site, including GuiX and UnityDevelop

Also you might want to check out these two Unity Summer Of Code 09 projects:

Detonator Parametric Explosion Framework

Unity External Lightmapper

Here's a nice list:


There are many small and large scripts donated to the community on the Unify wiki

For generating Terrain and Splatmaps from sliders or height map,

with seamless unity integration: http://www.starscenesoftware.com/Fractscape.html

Terrain is then customizable in unity.

Above and Beyond Software offers two Unity-related products: Sprite Manager and EZ Game Saver.

Agon and OpenFeint social network platforms for iPhone platform.



Path has now been released under GPL.

photon and neutron are two networking solutions for unity games. photon is a fast game server and neutron is another type of game server with less customizability but more built in features. cmune platform is a platform for building social games with unity.

I just also discovered a good list at danim.tv http://danim.tv/blog/archives/unity3d-tools/