What to consider for changing environment, using enable/disabled or new scene?

Hello all,

I got 5 rooms in my scene, having the user taking the elevator to reach each room
Right now I use enable/disable having a room turned on and the other is turned then off

but I wonder if using 5 scenes would be a better approach, using scene manager.

What should be taken into consideration upon such decision?

All rooms in one scene:

  • No loading delay to change scenes.
  • Easier to edit all rooms without having to load/manage multiple scenes in the editor.

Each room in separate scene:

  • Can apply different scene-specific settings (e.g., ambient light) to each room.
  • Saves memory, possibly rendering time also, because only one room is loaded at a time.

Hello all, hello @TonyLi ,

In case my setting is of multiplayer, client, server and the whole fuss (many rooms and objects), would it be under the consideration of managing rendering/ memory/ load time?