What to do with my old Unity version?

I just installed the unity 2018.1 beta, and realised that Unity 2017.3 is still installed on my machine. Should i delete this folder? I mean, the 2017.3 version has more folders than the 2018.1 beta, so i thought the beta relied on the 2017.3 data. Does anyone know what i should do? Thanks in advance!

You should be able to just uninstall 2017.3.

You should not remove the old version as long as beta is implied in the name of the version. It is likely that version is stable but not fully working (hence beta). It may be that something you had working is no longer until they figure it out and fix it.

You should only use the beta version for experiment. You can try your development on it, make sure you duplicate the project. Loading a project on a newer version will update some of the files and you cannot revert that to older version.

Unity installations are independent, even the same version, as long as they are installed to a different folder. This allows you to use different versions of Unity for different projects, in case a project relies on some functionality that changed in a newer version, or if there is no time to check that everything works in a newer version.

If you don’t need the older version, you can just uninstall it.