What to write in the company name under player settings?

I work for no company So, what to write in the company name under player settings? Don’t know whether it’s a silly question but need help as i am a newbie. Thanks in advance.

CompanyName does have a purpose, it shows up in the file path for your app’s save data on android. Not sure if this is true for other platforms, and what name you choose doesn’t really matter anyway.

Two notes though, anyone with a file browser would be able to see the name you choose, and if you make an update for your app with a different CompanyName, you’ll have to figure out how to move the save files to the new location, or manually retrieve them from the old location.

The Company Name in PlayerSettings? Don’t think it matters.

I’ve got random junk(*) for the company name in a Project, and it seems to do nothing. It compiles to an iPad just fine, and Ad-Hoc distributes fine. I’m even using a MacDev account with a (different) official company name from the one in the project. I’ve never seen that name appear anywhere, or gotten any computer-complaints.

I don’t think I’ve even seen that name in the Xcode produced, which means it may be completely ignored. I assumed it was like CompanyName in word processors – just a place to tag, if you want to. Or somewhere to point if someone steals it?

Now, other stuff is very sensitive. The product name, at least for iOS, must match the App-ID, case-sensitive even. And then the bundleID, down below, has to be an exact match (unless you use *'s.)

(*)The name of the old machine, “HP Client” where I 1st created the project.