What type of code should I learn for a new game?

I’m thinking of trying to build probably like a final fantasy-esque RPG with probably a pixel art style and possibly multiplayer? What code language do you think I should learn for this? I’m extremely new at this, just learned a bit of python, and I’m wondering what would be the best for me? Also, if anyone has any any other suggestions about what other types of tutorials I should or info I should be learning to help with this project, I’d really appreciate it! =)

I would only suggest C# at this point. UnityScript will be depricated shortly.

Edit: (Just to add context to this)

I’d like to take a quote direct from that link: “We’re doing this to help ensure that new users do not continue to adopt UnityScript; it would be irresponsible of us to let them invest time in learning it when it is not long for this world.”

It would be irresponsible for myself to answer a support question and point you towards a dead end.

Java Script (Unity Script) is the easiest and it’s the one i started with, then i switched to C# which is pretty simillar. I would suggest you do the same. Your best teacher is actually Unity. Start from here.

@Ant0ny @MacDx @dju4ic Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. Do any of you know any good tutorials for C#? Or where a good place to start for that would be?? And again, anything else I should be learning along with C#?