What type of sign do I use for a Scene?

I was trying to make this script reusable. I did not want to make the same script three million times that does the same thing. So, I wrote this simple script and I used a string. The problem with that was when I wanted to practically apply the script, the scene did not load. I understood this was because of the sign, but I do not know what to put instead of a string in order to make this work. So please help me. I’m sure it’s not to hard. The script will be placed at the bottom.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class TransferLevels : MonoBehaviour {
	public string toLevel;
	void OnMouseDown () {
		Application.LoadLevel( toLevel );

toLevel has no value, so your loading null. You forgot to put the level name in the string.

I don’t see any problems with this script. As long as you added all your scenes to the build menu (like @quest-23 said) you should be able to load the level via it’s name.

Have you actually started to debug your problem? For example by putting this line before your LoadLevel call:

Debug.Log("TransferLevels:OnMouseDown:LoadLevel:" + toLevel );

When you click on the collider of the object your script is attached to, do you get this log?