What Unity license should I use if I am under 16?

Hello everyone.
I am a school student and I am learning programming. I’ve been looking for good game engines and decided that Unity would be the best.
The problem is that I don’t know what license should I choose - to pick a student license I should be 16, and if I want to publish games I should be 18 and pick Unity Personal.
Is there any legal way to use Unity and publish the projects if I’m not 18? For example, if Unity account is registered on a parent?
Because I’ve already contacted Steam and read some articles, I know that I can publish a game on Steam if I’m under 18.
The thing I am not sure about is all that license stuff

You don’t need any license if you are making under 100k$ a year.
If you want to get rid of the Unity splash screen you can get the student plan if you are over 16.

Actually Unity won’t be the problem, the problem will come from the publishing platform since you won’t be able to create a developer account. I would suggest to use your parents informations with their permission.