What Unity version was procedural animation introduced?

Hello everyone,
I have almost zero knowledge of Unity and I’m just starting to learn it.
I have a very old computer, like a 2006 release, so I wasn’t sure if it can run the latest version of Unity, so I installed an older version, specifically 2.6.1.
Thinking to myself, 3D games were made way before my computer was released so it’s quite possible to develop maybe a retro-style game on my computer, only for learning purposes. Maybe in the future, I could buy a much modern unit.
Problem is, I’m quite interested in the procedural animation function I see on some Unity tutorials I see recently. So my question is if procedural animation is recent feature Unity just added or if it’s in the version I have?

if you are talking about kinematica that should work for unity 2019.3 and up but better if one uses the 2020.