What version of mono does Unity iPhone use, and are there any differences between unity's mono and standard mono?

I'm trying to find out what version of Mono Unity iPhone uses?

At the same time when i know what version of mono it is based off of, I'd like to know if there are any differences between Unity's implementation of mono and its compiler versus the standard mono implementation, ie. any parts to the language that aren't supported.

In particular i'm mostly interested in the C# language aspects of mono if it's relevant at all.


I'm not perfectly sure which version of Mono Unity iPhone exactly uses - but Unity 2.6 still uses 1.2.5 (which is pretty old but basically on par with .NET 2.0). One special thing to know about Mono in Unity iPhone is that it doesn't support generics (which Mono 1.2.5 does support - so in Unity you can use generics; only in Unity iPhone, you can't).

The main "special thing" about the Mono version used by Unity iPhone is that it requires AOT (ahead of time compilation) which introduces a few limitations like the one regarding generics.

I'd assume that Unity iPhone actually uses a more recent version of Mono since AOT was introduced to Mono not too long ago.