What will happened to other key "E" build for mobile

If the game required more than tap and move then for example entering vehicle need “e” key then in tap screen device like android or ios how do you enter the vehicle?

If you cant… is there a solution for this?

Alas, Unity will not auto-assign any tap gestures to key commands, nor is there a trivial way to do this.

However, you can write code to detect a double-tap using touch.tapCount and then, where you are already detecting a press of the “E” key:

if (doubleTapped || Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.E)) { // Enter Vehicle }

Where doubleTapped is a variable you set in your touch handling code.

Unity makes it very easy to make your app cross-platform, but you usually need to rewrite your input code when you switch between desktop and mobile.

(Of course, if anyone knows of a way to make unity auto-detect gestures like double-taps and interpret them as key commands, I’d love to know about it too, but I couldn’t find any outside of buying various plugins in the Asset Store, which could be another option for you.)