What would be the best way around an item system?

Hey guys, Im not asking for a script but some kind of layout or format i should follow here. I Plan on making and inventory with items. The items should be able to be picked up of the floor and be able to be selected and view on the player model, I Have tried this lots of times and always screwed up somewhere, Any help is respected :smiley:

You should try Brackey’s inventory system.
Link: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making
Video one : - YouTube
Video two : Unity INVENTORY System MAKING ITEMS (Free Asset) - YouTube
Video three : - YouTube

See if this points ya in the right direction:



I’m writing an inventory for the asset store that requires InControl as it is directed at gamepad use.

These helped me a bunch.

Use a generic collection to maintain the item. List works well

Have all of your items inherit from a single base class (or implement a common interface). This allows for common methods to be used for the graphical interface and so forth.

Iterate over the entire collection using foreach.

This is just general advice. Not sure what else I can offer.

Good luck