What would the best method be to make the player increase in size when they touch a "food" item?

Hello, I’m very new to Unity and I’m developing a game were the player gets bigger every time they eat a food pellet.

I’ve already implemented the food mechanic but the player doesn’t become bigger yet. What would be the best way of going about this? I know I might have to increase the scale of the Collison sphere and game object (duh) and I will have to increase the hight of the camera since it is a top down perspective that’s very close to the player character. I know this I just don’t know how.

Help would be appreciated!

You can simply multiply the scale of the game object by some amount:

transform.localScale *= 1.5f;

Replace the 1.5 with whatever number you like. This will increase the size of the entire object, so will also scale any colliders and child objects.