What would the best way to make a button flop, or stretch, buldge etc. when clicked on?

been looking at some tutorials and stuff, and im not quiet sure the best way to try and get this to hapepen. What i would like to do is have the button do some kind of little very small animation when there is a click. such as the button arching up (its a fish that im using in this current project so having it flop a bit on each click would be awesome) not sure how to get this set up, but i think that it would add alot to my project.

On the button, there is the part that lets you set colors. Change it to animation. You will then be able to animate all 4 states bowever you like.

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thanks, i saw that, but was unsure once i started to play with that where i can actually go to animate it. where is that window located once i select the animate option on the button?


thank you!