What would the developers making Unity and the community like to see in the next couple years?

There is always a lot of discussion asked from the community about what they want as a new feature or QOL improvement in the Unity Engine, but I have been wondering what is some cool ideas or features that the developers that actually make the Unity Engine want to do?

Is there anything that a Unity dev made in the past and now after a bit they think, "man I wish I added this as an extra option or maybe I should of done this instead of that." Out of curiosity, what are some things the people at Unity want to see added into the engine, editor, or in the tool set that Unity provides even outside the engine. Example cloud tooling and version control.

To the community members as well I am wondering what is it that people want to see new features, QOL, or changes of?

For collaboration I ask people think of the following rules to keep this clean and organized.

  1. If it can be coded in manually using editor tools, but not a default built in thing inside Unity for an already existing feature as long as it is not big I think it would be okay to count it as QOL still.

  2. Let's not talk about bugs or performance stuff unless they are more of a design in work flow bug. This one is probably more based on individual opinions, but I guess an example I have seen lately is some thing the Audio Random Container not being an inspector, but a custom editor window is part of a design work flow flaw.

  3. Let's not talk about the .Net 8 update WIP. Unless it is specifically how something in .Net 8 could be used to simplify things like example primary constructors.

My first thought is not any new big features, but more QOL stuff from the Unity tools that already exist.

Example for 2D developers it would be nice to be able to easily multiselect sprites in the sprite editor or asset folder and mass rename the sprites and not just the texture holding them. Also be able to mass change sprite pivot points. If you got a game with literally 2852 sprites not including individual frames for animations (the joy I am currently working with), naming the animations frames in the sprite editor one by one can take hours and I mean hours without making a custom tool to do it for you.

Another thing is extension functions for things like Tile Maps when searching for a certain tile with data, Asset Database searching for a type of scriptable object in the way of FindFirstOrCreateInstance, and things like creating new animation clips from sprites sheets. I do know the new Aseprite Importer really helped fixed this one, but for those still using pngs it can suck.

So, Unity Engine developers and community members simple question for you.
What do you want from the Unity Engine?

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It doesn't matter. We do this from time to time, people write pain points (even small stuff, like, when you click edit light probes, the scene view zooms out if the gameobject's pivot that holds the light probes is not in view, which is infuriating, or like how when making a mesh "contribute GI" you can no longer move it in the scene view in play mode) and then nothing happens, or Unity introduces a replacement that addresses none of the issues.


To go back in time :smile: (to the good old days ;))

But a realistic answer -

  1. Either removal of the runtime fees, or removal of the sub fee - no more double dipping

  2. An actual focus on what the users want instead of what the shareholders want

  3. An actually fully usable ECS instead of still not having a true animation system etc in place after all this time flaunting it in marketing and PR releases

  4. Significantly better - and by better I mean more frequent and transparent, communication from unity


A complete reversal of just about everything they've done for the past decade. Unity 5 was a fantastic release and absurdly fast. The latest release takes several seconds to compile in an empty project. Unity 5 does it in a couple hundred milliseconds.


Unless your project involved lightmapping in any capacity whatsoever.


Devin AI software engineering features in Unity, to make something like V Rising with a single command

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