What's a basic code to use that can make it so that the player spawns at a specific point?

Basically, I want the player to slide forward, but I need him to spawn on the actual ground. And if you guys could also tell me, my guy just kinda has a stroke as he, “Moves forward”. So if you could tell me how to make him not do that, (code preferably), that’d be great

Hi. The easiest way to set his spawn point is with an empty game object in the place you want him to spawn. This gives you the flexibility to simply move the game object and adjust the position of his spawn point

public Transform spawnpoint1; //drag your empty game object spawn point onto this in the Inspector
public GameObject myCharacter; //drag the prefab of your game character onto this in the Inspector

void Start() //or whenever you want this to happen
    //Instantiate the character at the spawn points position and rotation
    Instantiate(myCharacter, spawnpoint1.position, spawnpoint1.rotation);

Hope that helps.

With regards your character ‘having a stroke’ as he moves forward, I would really need more information about what is happening. It might be your movement code. It might be your animation code. You need to tell us more.