What's a good texture size and resolution for a background (for Android development)

In my scene, I will have a background that’s gonna span the entire screen. The platform is set to Android (so the aspect ratio is 800x1280). The idea is that I’m gonna create a cube with dimensions 800x1280 and I’m gonna add a texture to the albido component of its material. I’m trying to create a texture that would be suitable for this background.


So given the criteria mentioned above, what settings (for width, height, resolution, etc.) would you recommend?

Asking for what is “good” can’t be answered. A good resolution to save memory and provide quick lookup would be a 1x1 texture, though it has the worst resolution as it only contains a single color. You haven’t said what your background contains so any speculations about that is pointless. On the other hand Android devices can go up to 2560x1600 or 2960x1440 screen resolution.

This question can’t be answered with a clear straight forward answer as it depends only on your specific needs and parameters (which includes the kind of content the texture contains, the importance of the texture, how many different devices you want to support, …)