What's better? Multiple scenes or assigning layers?

I have a main menu that will then go to an instruction screen, and then to the actual game. Performance wise, is it better to make the menu, instruction, and gameplay sections each different scenes, or to hide and display items using collision detection and assigning layers? (for iOS)

Can people go back to the Instruction scene while they are playing (then resume play)? Jumping back into a scene “in progress” is a giant pain – easier to put a second “Instruction” camera at 999,999 in your “playing” scene, if that’s the case.

I think you should use scenes.

1.: Working with scenes is easier not only to set it up in the first place but also if you had to change something during the development it will be easier to do that with scenes.

2.: I think that calculating the layers, collision and stuff will be kinda cpu intensive for an iOS game.

This is just my opinion it probably isn’t right in some points but that’s how i would go about doing it.

If you want to have transitions just like in Half Life 2 for example it maybe would be easier to use layers and stuff instead of scenes.

Hope I kinda help you but I’m also looking forwarward to other opinions on the matter.