What's cheaper, learning to build a 2d MMORPG or hiring a team?,Is it cheaper to learn to build an MMORPG 2d for mobile or pay a team to?

Some background. I’m an older guy, in my thirties, and only average intelligence. I’m not a superb problem solver or anything, perhaps, hence the question, and in all honesty, trying to learn to code and listening to tutorials puts me to sleep. I just see an opportunity for the game I want to create but I’m perfectly open to have my idea stolen by someone who can proficiently execute on it so I talk about it openly.

Basically, I want to make a game that is kind of counter-cultural, without being banned by the Google play store.

I want to make it about Good and Evil (you get to pick a side) and you get certain exp bonuses for your specific faction based on the side you choose, and different quest archs also.

The thing is, I posted my idea in greater detail about the type of game I wanted (in much greater detail) and asked for a charge of 2,000$usd and selected the max allotted time fivver allows, which is 30 days. I have some people messaging me saying they’ll do it in 10 days for 1,500$ and I list a reference game for thr play style as well as asking them to record thr process so I can sloely learn how to do it - also to explain it, because I find the nature of coding to be so confusing and I have never executed a proper running script in Unity (the curly brackets on my version compared to the tutorials I see on YouTube are aleays setup different, with different default code like ‘static.void’ won’t be there or something.

So like, I get that there’s bug fixes, making sure the game fits into different resolutions, works on ipad,/tablet etc. And needs to be maintained on a server host some where (web socket?), But in all honesty, I just want to play the game and level up my stats so I can defeat Joe Biden and unlock a dementia specialty and confusr my opposing mobs with blabbering my words, haha, no I dont know if that’d be implemented, and to seem impartial (self-admitted trump voter here) if you defeat Trump you have a 1 in 1000 chance of getting a raccoon wig head piece cosmetic that you can wear/trade others, and the Boss will be localized so you spend weeks farming it to get it with your friends :slight_smile:

Just sharing a bit of my story with the keen interest of knowing what’s more actionable.

By the way, if I went back to work/or earned an extra income for this It would be comparitive to minimum wage which is like 13$ an hour. I understand I’ll develop more skills making this game but I’m not doing it for money - meaning that if I gain skills to work on other projects unless I’m passionate about it I won’t get behind it (I don’t really need the money) - but yeah, I may like actually coding once I can run a successful script :frowning: can’t seem to figure that part out, I guess I have to write my own default code or run it without the onrs shown in tutorial videos?

Sorry if I’m painting a distorted/vague picture, it kind of sums up my ambitions and coding experience. Feel free to fill in some holes or ask additional questions. I’ll understand if my post is removed (my first question on stacked overflow was removed for being too vague).

I’m curious if I should just buy a unity game developer book, pay for unity pro, go to Udemy or is this like a four year project and gonna cost me 10,000$ (sorry for all you Uni folks but for me that’s a hefty price tag/time). But if I spend 10k$ in like five months and the idea isn’t implemented to my taste I’ll feel even worse. Also the added bonus of learning a new skill to prevent dementia appeals to me because it runs on my Grandpa’s side. Sorry this is turning into more of a post for experience project now.

Have a retained anyone’s interest that has relevant knowledge?

And I’m located in the United States If that’s relevant. I’m wondering if I should hire some genius Filipino coders who will work for one fifth of the wages and do the outsourcing I’m guessing fivver companies sometimes do…

I’m somewhat skeptical about their dispute/return process also. Never used them.

Hey there,

there’s a lot to unpack in this so i’ll try to answer this as best as i can.

First up - this forum is about unity. Please leave politics out of this, noone here wants to know who you vote for. Especially since by far not everyone on here is from the US.

That being said: I guess to sum up your question you state that you have an idea for a game and want to know if you should learn to do it yourself or pay someone to do it.

Given that you want this to be a MMORPG for a pricepoint of less than 5 figures. This will not happen.

I don’t want to be rude here, i don’t want to be pessimistic. This is just something that from my mind is not possible. If you go from a difficulty-perspective, building a MMORPG is the largest and most difficult to achive project you can go for in the game world. There are a lot of kickstarters out there who claim they can be the next World of Warcraft for 100k in a year - which is a joke.
Sure building a 2D world is easier than becoming the next Star Citizen, but still. Money is needed, time is needed. Also i don’t really think you can build a large game with a team that you just “pay” for it. You need someone who actually is behind your idea, who embraces and pushes the idea. (Which mostly is just the dev himself if you look in the idie-world)

So where to go from here?

My suggestion would be the following: Sit down for a few hours and formulate your idea. Make a nice plan. What are the features, what are the core ideas? Does it have to be a MMORPG? Is multiplayer needed? (that is a critical issue as a single player game would need waywayway less time to develop)
This is the point where you have to see a game from a different financial perspective as well: It is not just about paying the devs, artists and so on - when you have a multiplayer game you need to put money into building and maintaining a community around the game. You need infrastructure(servers) to run it. You might need a game service provider like PlayFab which also costs a lot/month → and these costs are running costs and will not disappear when the game is “finished”.

Which then is the next point: Is the game finished after the initial “five months” that you mentioned? What about future updates?

Basically you need to find a vision for your game. What to do with it, how to maintain it, where to go?

When you have that plan you have to make a decision for yourself: Do you yourself want to try and code? To put it simple: Coding can be hard. It can be frustrating. Especially when you start doing it. It gets easier but that takes time. A lot of it. If you want to stick with your multiplayer idea then you should not start with that game for at least a year and work on other projects in the meantime where you gather skills in coding & building your game.

The other option ofc is to pay someone to do it, but as i said: this might not really work out as it is a difference if you have a team which just works for money or if you have a team which works on this because they get money and believe in the idea.

As a takeaway from this please follow at least this advice: I don’t know what you listed on fiverr - but assuming that you know what a MMORPG is and you listed that someone builds this for you.
Don’t accept any offer there before getting counsel on this. If anyone claims they can build you a MMORPG in 10 days you are in for a scam - big time.

That were a lot of words - hope this helps in any way, best of luck.

What a third party would deliver is only as good as your specification. Unless you are confident that you can fully document what you want, including function, database, networking etc, you are going to be disappointed. There may be third party packages that will give you an idea and many offer occasional discounts. The Unity asset store is one such place. Independent vendors also sell off their own Web sites. A bit of research could save you a lot of money and time…

Learning is completely free, a team cost lots of money, like $30-60/hour/person… a team of ten would cost $1000s of dollars per month, but that is a very small amount when you consider how much money you need to marketing and advertising. But ya learn and build it yourself it’s completely 100% free, only cost your time… may take 10 years, may take longer… What worth more to you? Your money or your time?