What's happened to iPhoneSettings?

I’m new to Unity (so if this is the wrong place to ask this question, I apologize).
I’ve been studying it and porting my current C++/DirectX game to it for a month now. It’s been going surprisingly well.
First I made my game run on desktops (PC & Mac), and then started researching into mobile development. While reading the docs (manual & Community), a number of times I came across “iPhoneSettings”, both in iOS and Android sections of the manual/reference.
But for me, the Script Reference page for iPhoneSettings contains only one line:
“Interface into iPhone specific settings.”
When I type “iPhoneSettings.” into Mono, code completion only gives me “Equals” and “ReferenceEquals”. That’s it. Nothing from the various properties I see mentioned in the forums and answers numerous times.
When reading docs on the mobile subject, I started with “Getting started with Android development”. Under that document, there is a subsection called “Android Scripting”, and there iPhoneSettings is mentioned and next to it it says “Some of the Android settings, such as screen orientation, dimming and information about device hardware.”. But like I said, Mono doesn’t give me any of these options.
What’s the deal here?
If this interface has been deprecated, don’t you think it should be reflected in the docs? The way it is now, I’m being misled, which is something you don’t want to do to a beginner learning a subject.
Btw, I’m using Unity 4.
And yes, first I tried searching if anyone else already mentioned this “problem”, but couldn’t find anything.

A lot of that stuff has been branched out into more descriptive namespaces, such as Input.gyro, Input.location (etc)

If you’re looking for system enum’s, they’ve been re-named a more generalized name: