What's making the text in my panel have different sized letters?

I’ve got a panel. I’ve got a game object with a text component. I set the text (arial, normal, 18px, single-line). Everything looks fine in preview mode. Then I go into game mode and some letters look to be different sizes than others?


I honestly don’t know why or what to do about any. Does anyone know what the deal is?

That passage appears in the Windows ClearType ‘text optimiser’. It sends you through a bunch of texts so you can decide which looks best for you.ClearType - Wikipedia.

It has been done ‘incorrectly’ or someone else has set it to their preference. I do believe that AMD GFX cards have a similar program.

I think one of these is messing up your text.

Another thing that gives this appearance is simply trying to view some fonts in a situation in which there are not enough pixels or a mismatched amount of pixels for the font. You’ll notice this one mostly on mobile devices.

So, I putzed around and figured out what was causing it.

My outter-most panel’s positioning was __.5 on the x and y. I set them both to whole numbers and that fixed the thing.