What's more optimized? Diseable an sprite renderer or diseable the GameObject that contains the SpriteRenderer?

I’m making a project that has thousands of sprite renderers of (2 triangles in wireframe each one). And I want to optimize it because it’s soo laggy. *What should I do? *Diseable the sprite renderers of the sprites you can’t see or diseable the whole gameObjects that contains the SpriteRenderer components?

Oclussion Culling is not an option :confused:

This is probably a reply you dont want to hear but it will lead you to an answer.

Try both. Make sure to profile your code before and after each step to get an idea if either works best for you.

Another thing you could consider trying would be to make custom rendering making your own mesh and update it realtime. That mesh could contain 100s of triangles. To make it work with multiple textures you should use a texture atlas. This is a bit more cumbersome way of going about but may help you in the long run. For this to work, look at Mesh, MeshRenderer and MeshFilter.