What's the best practice on using Unity UI?


I need to have a lot of UI elements dynamically in the game and write stuff on them. Like “Player 1 Wins” and full screen images for fade in and fade out, etc.

What is the best way to do it in Unity? I can do these in several ways, either with generating UI elements at runtime by storing their prefabs, having the UI elements in the scene and enable/disable them, etc.


Unity have on this webpage Unity Tutorials video UI tutorials, so you have to watch these videos and this learn you basics, other source where can you learn UI is the youtube, just type “unity 3d ui tutorial” and you will get many videos how to use them. Then you need to learn Listeners (What the dropdown menu do when you choose OPTION A for example, fading out or in just changin the opacity of the picture or something). That’s it.