What's the best scripting language for a mmorpg?

Hey, i’m new to scripting and i would like to make a mmorpg in unity but i dont know what language to use… I would love if some one could help me. thanks!

You could use any language you’d like. C# will in the end offer more speed when getting into advance features, but for beginners anything will work just fine.

It depends, for most people JavaScript its easier but for me C# its much easier to understand. Try both and see wich one fits you.

However, let me warn you: If its your first game you should attempt something easier instead, an MMORPG its a monumental task that very few people can accomplish by themselves.

Good luck!

All languages are great. The best scripting language for mmorpg,rpg,fps or rts doesn’t exist! I use C# to make games, but someone else will use JS. I think that you should read a book about JS and C# and choose your language. I think that more people use JS, because this language is more flexibility. By the way noone use Boo language.