Whats the best way of simulating a bendy aerial attached to rigidbody?

hi all

i’m trying to simulate an arial attached to a vehicle. i need it to bend elastically based on the movement of the vehicle.

ive attached a tree of tube objects to the vehicle and been playing with lookat vectoring an empty gameObject running a script based heavily on elasticMove.cs but its not looking remotely good.

could anyone point me in the right direction?

also is it possible to ‘weight’ a lookAt vector? so i could set each section of the chain (arial) to a % of the total lookAt, giving more bend appearance?

thanks in advance for any help!


i’ve literally just done that,i was worried about the possible hit in frame rate by doing this, which was why i was looking for a scripting option where the physics could be simplified to a couple of small equations!

thanks for your answer though!