What's The Best Way to Change 3 Bools For Real Time Morning, Afternoon And Night

I’m looking for a fairly simple method of changing 3 bools Using real system time in C#:

public bool isMorning = false;
public bool isAfternoon = false;
public bool isEvening = false;

If it can only be Morning, Afternoon or Night (3 states) at any given moment, you should not use 3 booleans (they can represent 8 states). You can avoid bugs such as all 3 booleans becoming true just by choosing your variables in way that prevents it.

using System;
using UnityEngine;

public enum TimeOfDay {

public class TimeOfDayStart {
	public int StartHour;
	public TimeOfDay Name;

	public TimeOfDayStart(int startHour, TimeOfDay name) {
		StartHour = startHour;
		Name = name;

public class MyScript : MonoBehaviour {

	public TimeOfDay currentTimeOfDay;
	public static readonly TimeOfDayStart[] TimeOfDayStartHours = {
			new TimeOfDayStart(4, TimeOfDay.Morning),
			new TimeOfDayStart(12, TimeOfDay.Afternoon),
			new TimeOfDayStart(20, TimeOfDay.Night),

	void Update () {
		var now = DateTime.Now;
		currentTimeOfDay = TimeOfDay.Night;
		foreach (var tod in TimeOfDayStartHours) {
			if (now.Hour >= tod.StartHour) {
				currentTimeOfDay = tod.Name;

Does anybody know of a good way to further subdivide this method to allow for being able to tell if it is either:

  • Breakfast Time
  • Lunch Time
  • Dinner time