What's the best way to change the cinemachine confiner bounding shape at runtime?

I want to set up a system where when you walk out of one room, and no earlier, the camera moves on to show the next room. I’m currently using a Polygon Collider 2D to define the shape of rooms. Im trying to use that room shape to prevent the camera from showing what’s outside the room. The only way that I’ve found to change where the confiner is located is to move the object that the collider is on, which isn’t very useful if I want to also change the shape of the room, which is likely different from that of the previous room

using Cinemachine;

public PolygonCollider2D Room;
public PolygonCollider2D Outside;
public CinemachineConfiner confiner;

 private void Update(){
        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.R))
            confiner.m_BoundingShape2D = Room;

        }else if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.O))
            confiner.m_BoundingShape2D = Outside;